Adopt a Pet and Save a Life

Animal Shelter Griffin Road

Applications are obtained & finished during the shelter or imprinted from file below

Finished applications is returned right to the front work desk or via:

  • Fax: 570-586-4375
  • Mail: Griffin Pond Pet Shelter, Attn: Fosters, 967 Griffin Pond Road, S. Abington Twp, PA 18411


Fostering is a superb option to help a pet in need! Griffin Pond Animal Shelter needs volunteers to offer short-term in-home look after animals looking for special attention. With pre-approved authorization from Griffin Pond dog shelter administration, all veterinary take care of foster creatures is compensated because of the housing. Food and litter can also be offered. Fostering will last from 2-3 weeks a number of months.

Which pets require foster attention?

Not absolutely all adoptable creatures are in need of fostering. Some creatures are very adoptable and able to head to their new forever house immediately. In cases like this, the housing is the greatest location for all of them become put due to the high amount of people coming to the protection to look at adoptable pets every day.

Appropriate Foster Animal Candidates:

  • Creatures that want more socialization or special training.
  • Hurt creatures or creatures coping with surgery
  • Neglected or abused pets which are looking for special care.
  • Animals enduring “Shelter Stress” may need a more calming environment.
  • Pets too-young to-be adopted (under 8 weeks old). Kittens and puppies that have been taken from their moms too young are particularly fragile and not old enough for to complete advised vaccination routine. The shelter environment provides accessibility numerous illnesses and airborne conditions that is really dangerous to really young kittens and puppies. Even litters of kittens that are nevertheless due to their mothers are in threat when you look at the protection. Orphaned youthful kittens and puppies require also bottle feeding.

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