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Our History

The SPCA of Westchester ended up being established in 1883 by Ossining resident Mary Dusenberry after she observed ponies being mercilessly whipped and beaten as they trudged up nearby mountains to supply heavy plenty of coal. And caring pals, she obtained land which to build the Society's first home and established a fund to be utilized to stop cruelty to creatures. The SPCA remains located on the exact same area, which makes it the oldest landholders in Briarcliff Manor.

Initially, the SPCA of Westchester ended up being connected to the ASPCA of New York City, but became an unbiased company when you look at the 1920s. These days, it is the just humane society in Westchester County empowered to enforce regulations associated with animal cruelty. Despite this, the SPCA gets no federal, state, or county funds. Therefore we count exclusively on the economic support of people that value the benefit of animals. In the event that you worry about creatures, we want your assistance and enjoy contributions!

Shelter Solutions

Thought to be a “no-kill protection” the SPCA never euthanizes a pet except in cases of terminal disease, severe violence, or the inability to maintain a fair standard of living in a protection environment. Regardless how lengthy it might take, the SPCA is dedicated to caring for all adoptable animals until a loving, new home is found. In 2016, our protection introduced 1, 338 pets to their new forever homes. We came back 136 missing creatures to their grateful proprietors.

The SPCA agreements with 13 various municipalities to accept distribution of the stray dogs and cats for return to proprietors or even request adoption. Missing dogs and cats take place at the refuge for about eight times before becoming readily available for use.

Cruelty Investigation and Intervention

Through its Humane police force Division, (HLE) the SPCA could be the only shelter authorized by nyc State to enforce the laws and regulations because they relate to animal cruelty in Westchester and neighboring counties without an SPCA. This past year, 1, 653 issues of animal neglect and cruelty had been phoned into our pet punishment hotline. Investigations include cruelty grievances concerning puppies, kitties, ponies, exotics and farm pets. 65 neglected and abused animals were seized because of this.

Low-Cost Veterinary Care

The SPCA stands firm in its belief your spaying and neutering of all of the cats and dogs is vital to alleviate the tragic effects of undesirable animals. Through our Simpson Clinic, the SPCA proposes to people, inexpensive spay/neuter surgeries, assessment, vaccinations and testing for illness in order to assist men and women keep their pets healthy. Since establishing our clinic in 1983, we now have spayed/neutered 50, 000 cats and dogs, effectively reducing the number of strays taken to our refuge by 50% throughout the last ten years. Once per week, we assist neighborhood cat rescue companies by offering spay/neuter surgeries to feral cats through our Trap/Neuter/Release system.

In 2016, the clinic performed 1, 364 low-cost spay/neuters on openly owned creatures and feral kitties besides 1, 584 furry clients whom got wellness exams and vaccines.


Beginning in 2007, the SPCA began a course to rescue healthy, vibrant puppies and youthful adult household puppies from high-kill shelters in which they were slated to-be euthanized as a result of insufficient room. With an excellent use rate at our refuge, we had been certain that we could discover loving houses for these creatures which we now have finished with great success. To date, the SPCA has saved the resides of lots and lots of companion creatures from high-kill shelters in the us and world-wide. 619 pets were rescued by the SPCA from high-kill shelters and transported into the SPCA locate new loving homes in 2016.

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