Plain Brown Dog: Second Chance

DeLand, Animal Shelter

Managed because of the DeLand Police division, the town of DeLand’s 2nd Chance Program is made to house abandoned or lost domestic pets in a safe and secure holding area for a three-day period. The holding duration allows owners an opportunity to reclaim their animals by calling law enforcement department’s Animal Control Officer, and equally important, the 3 day period normally accustomed alert numerous animal advocacy teams from about their state about the adoptable animals that are offered through the program. The advocacy teams tend to be dedicated to finding “forever homes” when it comes to creatures and their particular partnership with all the City is core to your program’s success. Before the program’s initial begin, all pets captured by the Animal Control Officer would-be taken right to a nearby humane society. The Second potential plan produces the opportunity for proprietors is reunited using their animal as well as for adoptable animals to locate great domiciles.

Any person wanting to adopt an animal is motivated to get hold of anybody for the listed pet advocacy teams which linked to the program. A representative works with you and organize the adoption. For all of the offered pets Click on this link

Second Potential Partners:

FL Australian Shepherd Relief

All Paws The Cause

All Paws Pet Talk Radio Programs

Jack Guberman




The next potential program is certainly not made to be an operating humane society neither is it the full time housing. Because it’s a temporary holding facility, DeLand residents who decide to give-up an animal need to contact among area shelters to really make the necessary plans.

Western Volusia Humane Society, Inc.

800 Humane Society Road

DeLand, Florida 32720

(386) 734-2450

Southeast Volusia Humane Society, Inc

1200 South Glencoe Road

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