Animal Shelters in Fort Myers Florida

Mitchell Canh

Fort Myers, Florida — American bald eagle pair, Harriet and M15, are eagerly waiting for their two eaglets to hatch from their eggs; and thanks to Dick Pritchett Real Estate, Inc., viewers from across the country can catch a glimpse of this special moment live via Eagle Cam! The Eagle Cam Project was launched back in 2012, providing a look into Harriet’s nest during each nesting season.

Harriet laid her first egg on November 22, 2016 and her second egg just three days later. According to The Center for Conservation Biology, the average incubation period for an American bald eagle egg is 35 days. For proper development, the eggs must be carefully monitored by both parents and kept at a toasty 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Harriet and M15 take turns with nesting duties, exchanging incubation shifts every 1-4 hours.

With the incubation period nearing an end, the eaglets have been showing signs that they are just about ready to hatch — keeping both Harriet and M15 on high alert. Watch the live stream video below and you might be lucky enough to see the two baby eagles hatch!

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For more information about the Eagle Cam Project and for a detailed timeline of “Hatch Watch 2016”, you can follow Southwest Florida Eagle Cam’s Facebook page and Twitter account.

Proper ARS animalrescuesite_belowcontent Mitchell Canh is a West Michigan resident and enjoys exploring the great outdoors. He lives by the Vietnamese proverb and his family's motto: "The good leaves protect the worn-out leaves." He hopes to protect the Earth and its inhabitants from climate change and pollution.

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