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Our Sponsorship Nursery (formerly known as the assistance Program) is filled daily because of the tiny cries of orphaned or newborn puppies and kittens. Some days, up to 100 newborns are in our attention – becoming hand-fed from a bottle, nurtured and cared for until they're healthier and powerful adequate to be put for adoption into a loving, permanent house.

Special-needs puppies and kittens come in our treatment because usually, a dog or cat can give birth, but the owner is unable to maintain the newborns. Your pet League is often expected by various other shelters to lend its help where expecting puppies or cats are planned for destruction unless we step in.

By supporting the Animal League’s Sponsorship Nursery it is possible to help take care of newborn creatures in need, ensuring that these puppies and kittens get a chance at life. You can view some of our Nursery puppies and kittens on our reside streaming video clip.

Meet Mindy and Lucy: Two Selfless Mother Chihuahuas look after Seven Helpless Puppies battling for Their resides

Mindy and Lucy tend to be Mindy and Lucy, two resilient Chihuahua moms who formed a relationship while compromising their well-being to ensure the everyday lives of their litters.

Read Mindy and Lucy's tale »

The pet League recently rescued Hope, a, pregnant Miniature Pitbull from an overcrowded protection in new york.

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