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Surrendering an animal is not an easy decision which will make. It’s also perhaps not the sort of choice any person would want to regret. That’s the reason we suggest handling the problem that's inducing the want to give-up the pet before you make that choice. Could it be because the dog is misbehaving? Quite often pet behavior can correct issues that are otherwise considered uncorrectable. Could be because of an allergy? Talk to a health care provider or allergist—there are a number of brand new medications that can treat animal allergies. The JHS Safety Net program might be able to assist! For information on how this program might help you keep or rehome your dog, click the link: Pet back-up

When you’ve determined that we now have no other solutions, and also have decided locate a unique house for the pet, you can find several options to start thinking about.

1. Communicate, Network, Have The Word Out

First, inform trusted buddies, relatives, neighbors and co-workers you'll want to find a unique home for your pet. Generally, this sort of networking have really very good results. Plus, you may also get to check out occasionally if you find your furry friend a house inside your social network.

2. Rehoming Your Dog

Nobody knows your dog much better than you. As the pet’s owner, you understand its likes, dislikes, interests and temperament a lot better than others, and as a consequence you have a larger chance of finding an effective rehoming arrangement than others. By simply making a determined work to get your furry friend a new residence, not only can you be providing it a better future—you’ll be producing a future for another pet by leaving a spot open at our shelter.

Techniques to rehome your dog all on your own:

  • Article an ad/adoption profile on our Community Pets page by clicking here.
  • Ask neighborhood veterinarians whenever you can upload indications in their centers
  • Ask neighborhood pet-related organizations whenever you can upload signs inside their stores
  • Put an advertisement into the report and Internet

3. Surrendering Your Pet to the Jacksonville Humane Society

On October 1, 2005, the Jacksonville Humane Society became a small admission business. Since we don't euthanize pets to help make space for others, our space is virtually always at or above capacity. To preserve a safe and healthy environment for the pets, staff and site visitors, we ought to follow a structured admissions process. Therefore, we cannot take walk-ins or drop-offs; animals tend to be accepted by session only. When you can no further care for your furry friend, have experimented with rehome your furry friend all on your own and would like to discuss the probabilities of surrendering it towards Jacksonville Humane Society for adoption, kindly stick to the measures of your admissions process:

» Call to set up an admissions appointment

Appointments are created considering offered area. To create a scheduled appointment and/or be put into our waiting record, kindly phone our Animal Admissions workplace at 904-725-8766, ext. 4584. An Admissions Counselor will carry out a brief phone consultation and gather some information away from you in regards to the animal you want to to surrender. You are expected to pay for an admission charge of $25-50 per animal. All animals must pass our medical and behavior evaluations.

» get ready for the appointment

Gather proof your pet’s veterinary record, health documents and any medicines it might be using.

» at appointment

Appointments often simply take 30 minutes. Please bring the following things with you to your appointment:

  • Pet (kitties must certanly be in a service; dogs must be leashed)
  • Last veterinarian documents
  • Medications your pet is using
  • Payment when it comes to Surrender Fee. The charge is $25 for healthy, spayed or neutered pets and $50 for healthy, unaltered animals. We accept cash and all bank cards – No checks

*Note: an admissions visit doesn't guarantee that your pet will likely to be acknowledged. After an intensive study of your dog, we are going to start thinking about accepting it whenever we determine so it has an acceptable chance of becoming used. If we do not feel your pet is an adoption candidate, you will be asked to take your pet home.

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