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Jeffco Animal Shelter

Adoption Hours: Monday-Friday, 10:30am - 4:45pm. We are closed weekends and holidays. Please call ahead to make sure the animal you are interested in is still at the shelter.

We are finding many owner surrenders are because people cannot afford to feed their pets anymore or decide they don’t want to take the time for them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these animals.

When you adopt an animal, be sure you can make a commitment to it for its lifetime. Being put under Animal Control is very traumatic for these animals. Most are so scared they just shake for the first 24 hrs.

Jefferson County Animal Control needs your help! Our facility has received more than 3, 500 dogs and cats and other animals at this facility. Most of these animals are young, healthy and friendly pets waiting for a new home. We currently make use of a number of media outlets such as, local newspaper, WSIL TV, WMIX Radio, the Weekly Shopper, email and word of mouth to help animals find new homes. Please contact us anytime using our evening/weekend email address:

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