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All adoptable animals (except farm animals) are now housed just at our Tom & Annette Lantos Center for Compassion, situated at 1450 Rollins Rd. in Burlingame.

They're just a few of the wonderful dogs we for use. We do our best to upgrade this page on a regular basis, but we can’t guarantee every animal shown let me reveal however offered. It’s in addition typical for us to have dogs who haven’t had their particular photos taken however, and that means you are welcome to check out our use center while having a look round the 1st flooring! We're happy to assist you in finding an ideal dog.

Discover real time movie of your one-of-a-kind interior puppy park :
Once you bring your resident puppy to satisfy one of our protection dogs, we introduce them inside our one-of-a-kind interior dog park. The playground, with a public watching screen, is also utilized by volunteers and staff throughout the day as an exercise and do exercises location for puppies waiting for use. Please note that you might see PHS/SPCA employees or volunteers within room before or after regular company hours. And, we might temporarily disable our camera while cleaning or keeping the space at instances when adopters are a bit bashful.

If you don't see any creatures, make sure to enable Javascript within browser. Or please check out to see our readily available creatures . If you are having difficulty witnessing videos associated with pets, decide to try loading the web page in an unusual internet browser or see Peninsula Humane community's YouTube station straight at

Dogs adopted recently include:

January 6 - January 8: Akira, Anita, Atticus, Avery, Charlie, Glenda, Liesel, Paris, Raff, Skye, Zorro

December 30 - January 5: Artie, Bandit, Charm, Elwood, Harvey, Jem, Mimi, Princess, Priscilla, Rupert, Scout, Tucker, Twinkie

December 29 - 30: Angie, Happy, Leia, Misty, Pipsqueak, Twinkie, Raylan, Reggie

December 23 - 27: Bandit, Bart, Charlie Brown, Danny, Freddie, Harley, Holly, Ike, Jacquie, Luna, Madison, Molly, Orion, Oscar, Snickers, Thor, Tucker

December 20 - 22: Buster, Chenille, Cooper, Duke of Earl, Durant, Jackson, Layla, Leah, Leo, Lily, Linus, Maya, Mocha, Pepper, Zaya

December 13 - 19: Archie, Brie, Callen, Clay, Coco, Davey, Dexter, Dissol, Fay, Hope, Jack, Julia, Keri, Larry, Luna, Maisy, Mocha, Molly, Nancy, Petra, Poppy, Raven, Rocket, Roxy, Smidge, Sprinter, Ting-Ting, Yogi

December 5 - 12: Abe, Boo, Brandy, Buddy, Esme, Ferdinand, Fiona, Ginger, Jarod, King Kong, Martha, Marty, Mocha, Peanut, Sophia, Spots, Celebrity, Stephanie, Winter

November 28 - December 4: Ana Banana, Becca, Bigo, Bruno, Buddy, Butters, Carla, Churro, Cookie, Darla, Eli, Evan, Fritz, Greta, Hank, Harry, Honey, Lark, Lilkoi, Lucy, Mark, Penny, Pogi, Principe, Romeo, Ruby, Sophie, Stanley, Stripe, Tony, Tyler

For a small % of adoptable puppies, PHS/SPCA needs an $90 education cost. This charge, gathered during the time of adoption, enrolls your adopted puppy within training course. Our staff and volunteers make visitors alert to the training fee at the beginning of the adoption process. We require training with regards to will significantly enhance a dog’s success in his or her new house. In other cases, we possibly may carry out a house assessment or have other requirements. Our objective is certainly not to help make the procedure difficult, but to-do that which we know will ensure a long-lasting adoption. Since we’ve invested time with every puppy prior to adoption and have now familiarity with various breeds, plus profitable rate for lasting adoptions well over the nationwide average, we feel well about our matchmaking process.

Some of our blended type dogs were DNA tested, and the ones email address details are included, at no extra cost, with regards to adoption cost. If adopters fall for your pet dog in our care who hasn’t already been tested, they can buy a DNA test from our on-site store at the time of use.

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