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What is the Animal Shelters Phone number?

Nationwide euthanasia data are tough to identify because animal care and control agencies aren't uniformly necessary to hold statistics in the number of pets used, used, euthanized or reclaimed. Even though many shelters understand the value of maintaining data, no nationwide reporting structure is out there which will make compiling national statistics on these figures feasible.

However, American Humane is one of the founding members of the National Council on Pet Population research and plan. The mission for the National Council is always to gather and analyze dependable data that more characterize the number, source and disposition of animals (cats and dogs) in america; to market accountable stewardship of the companion pets; and in line with the information collected, to recommend programs to lessen the sheer number of surplus/unwanted pets in the usa.

Unfortuitously, the newest statistics posted by the nationwide Council are from 1997, and only 1, 000 shelters responded to your review during those times. Utilizing the nationwide Council’s numbers from 1997 and calculating the number of operating shelters in the United States to-be 3, 500 (the precise quantity of pet shelters running in the United States does not exist), these estimates were made:

  • Associated with 1, 000 shelters that responded into nationwide Council’s survey, 4.3 million animals were managed.
  • In 1997, around 64 percent for the total number of creatures that entered shelters were euthanized — around 2.7 million creatures within these 1, 000 shelters. These creatures was euthanized because overcrowding, but might also were ill, hostile, injured or suffering from something different.
  • 56 % of dogs and 71 % of cats that enter pet shelters are euthanized. Even more kitties are euthanized than dogs since they are prone to enter a shelter without any owner recognition.
  • Just 15.8 percent of dogs and 2 % of kitties that enter dog shelters are reunited with their owners.
  • 25 % of puppies and 24 per cent of kitties that enter dog shelters are used.

It's estimated that about 3.7 million animals had been euthanized in nation’s shelters in 2008. This number represents a generally acknowledged statistic that's trusted by many animal welfare companies, like the United states community when it comes to Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

Practical solutions for decreasing euthanasia figures

American Humane believes that most dogs and cats adopted from public or exclusive animal treatment and control companies must certanly be sterilized before becoming allowed to leave the protection and supports passage of condition guidelines mandating this practice.

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