Animal Rescue Phone Number

Please contact us with the information listed below. Please refrain from calling us before 8am or after 9pm unless it is an emergency, as these are personal not business phone numbers.

General Information
Mail: P.O. Box 6033, South Bend, IN46660
Call: 574-400-5633

Dog Information
Call: 574-400-5633

Cat Information
Call: 574-400-5633

Small Animal Information
Call JoAnn: 574-400-5633

Wildlife Information
Heartland Small Animal Rescue cannot (by law) take in wildlife. Please use this link to find an approved wildlife rehabber near you: The Indiana Department of Natural Resources keeps this list up-to-date. Please respect the folks on this list by contacting them only about the types of animals listed next to their names; they have to have special license to care for each category of wildlife, so someone who is licensed for songbirds will not be able to help you with waterfowl. Remember that these resources are for injured animals in need of rehabilitation.

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