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Animal Control Ft. Myers FL

Centurian Wildlife Control is here for you when you need us any time, Day or Night, in Fort Myers FL. We promise to solve your Animal Control and Wildlife Removal needs in a professional, humane and affordable way. Centurian Wildlife Services, is the leader for Animal Control & Wildlife Removal in Fort Myers, FL. We are one of the Nation's largest Wildlife Control companies. Are Technicians have years of Training and College Education to ensure quality service and experience. Our Technicians are local in Fort Myers FL, we understand the 24/7 need for Wild Animal and we will be at your home FAST!

Hearing Noises in the Attic In Fort Myers, FL?! Having Issues with Nuisance Wildlife in Fort Myers, FL?!

Wildlife is a growing issue here in Fort Myers, FL and you must be trained and qualified to handle these Animal Removal Need. All of our Technicians are expertly trained and certified.

Our staff is composed of college educated technicians with degrees & backgrounds in Wildlife Biology, Entomology & Construction. Together as a Team we have combined over 25 years of Training & Experience.

We will provide a fast and affordable service in Fort Myers FL for all your Trapping, Animal Repairs: Exclusions, Wildlife Seal Up, and any other Animal or Wildlife Need you may have. Give us a call and we will be there fast! We are a family owned, Christian based operated company in Fort Myers, FL servicing all of Florida, Texas and California.

We promise to always provide honest inspections and quality flat rates for your Wildlife and Animal needs in Fort Myers, FL. All our Inspections are Free with No Hidden Fees. Each inspection will take about an Hour to an Hour and a Half and we are very extensive. We will go on the roof, walk around the exterior of the house, get in the attic, everything that it takes to completely diagnose and resolve the wildlife issue in Fort Myers, FL. All Inspections and Home Evaluations are Free.

Our Animal Control & Wildlife Removal Services for Fort Myers, FL includes:

Animal Trapping: Removing the Nuisance Critter in Fort Myers, FL

Exclusion: Home Repairs and Animal Proofing the Home in Fort Myers, FL

Attic Restoration: Cleaning and Repairing the Mess left behind in Fort Myers, FL

Our 3 Step Animal Removal Process:

Step 1. Identify Issue & Set appropriate Traps:
Every Animal Removal and Wildlife Control situation is different in Fort Myers, this is why we provide free estimates and inspections for our customers. Our Trapping techniques and Animal Control methods vary for each type of animal we encounter in Fort Myers, FL. Large breed animals, like Raccoons & Possums, Trapping involves live traps set around the perimeter of the home. Small breed animals like Rodent, rats, and mice trapping involves snap traps, glue traps, and even live traps set in the attic and under the home if needed. Bat Removal & Bat Control involves netting and valving the animals out of the structure and performing exclusion work in order to prevent the Bats from returning to the structure. The situations range in difficulty as well, this is why our Wildlife Specialists are there to help you and solve your needs and problems. Since every situation is so different and unique we always perform free inspections in order to give you the most honest and accurate price and plan in Fort Myers, FL.

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