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Michigan dogs rescues for adoption

Our focus is on saving at-risk pets in pound facilities. We save homeless pets, one at a time, give them medical care and a safe temporary home, and provide responsible adoption services to those seeking pets. We started as a group of about 50 skilled and experienced animal rescue volunteers in 2010, and we've grown to about 150 volunteers.

The mission is all about homeless pets, but it's also all about people: our volunteers, certainly, but also like-minded animal lovers who choose to give a second chance to a homeless pet. Together, we are addressing the problem of pet homelessness. If you'd like to join us, we welcome new volunteers, members, and other supporters.

The care we provide

We provide a lifetime safety net for the dogs and cats we rescue. If pets adopted through Animal Rescue Project aren't able to stay in their new homes, they can return to our rescue program to wait for a new home.

We euthanize very rarely — when a homeless pet has been diagnosed with an incurable disease that severely limits the quality and duration of life. Or when a rescued pet proves unadoptable because of unpredictable and harmful behavior toward people.

Some cats and dogs that we rescue need only minor medical care, while others may have needs that cost hundreds of dollars to treat. All these pets get the medical care they require. When they're ready to be adopted, they've had a health check and had any necessary treatment, and their medical records go with them at the time of adoption. Puppies and kittens have all their shots to date and a voucher to cover spaying or neutering if they haven't already been spayed or neutured.

Our commitments

Our rescue operation is built on four unshakeable organizational commitments:

We are a no-kill organization

We affirm every pet's right to life and to human care and companionship. We euthanize on a very limited basis — and never out of a need for space.

We provide a lifetime safety net

We will not submit our homeless pets to double jeopardy. If a pet loses its home any time after adoption, we readmit that pet into our rescue program and seek another placement.

We rescue without borders

Our rescue program gives due consideration to all homeless dogs and cats, irrespective of regional, state, or national origin. All homeless pets deserve to be saved!

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