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The Nutritional Needs of Large Breed Dogs

While dogs of every age group and sizes may share many similar characteristics, with regards to diet every one has their own needs. In the following paragraphs we’ll explore a few of the variations and dietary needs unique to the large breed buddies.

Just as humans can benefit from supplements, so too can your pet. LV Performance carries a variety of dog and cat supplements to help support your companion's needs. Dogs age faster than we do. That's why it’s so important to talk to your veterinarian about any support your dog may need – including in the areas of joint health and liver support. We’ve got products that can help.Unlike other animals, cats tend to hide their comfort level or how they are feeling. Make sure you see your vet regularly, who can diagnose potential health issues in your feline friend.

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The Calories Count

It might seem counterproductive, but large breed dogs need a diet having a lower caloric density than their smaller sized cousins. Because of slower metabolic rates, large breed dogs don’t burn through calories as rapidly as small breeds meaning they have to consume less calories per pound. For instance your house Brutus the mastiff needs 3,000 calories each day to keep a perfect weight at 150 lbs. His closest friend Sparky only needs 400 calories each day to keep his recommended weight of 10 lbs. Within this scenario Sparky gets 40 calories per pound while Brutus is just getting 20 calories per pound, despite the fact that he's eating considerably more kibble.

Obtaining the caloric density perfect can also be essential for keeping the best buddy full and comfy during the day. While a little breed may fill on only a small scoop of kibble, large breeds have considerably bigger stomachs that will need a larger amount of food to feel full.

Remember Your Vitamins

Because of the nature of the stature, large breed dogs can usually benefit from the best balance of nutrients and vitamins like individuals present in Large Breed Foods. Feeding formulas which contain a rather lower concentration and careful balance of calcium and phosphorous continues to be proven to lessen the incidence of memory foam illnesses in large breeds.

Using their bigger frames and tendency to build up joint disease throughout their later years, large breeds may also take advantage of the addition chondroitin and glucosamine. These supplements might help promote joint health as other people you know ages which help have them moving easily. An excellent large breed food also needs to contain Environmental protection agency to assist safeguard joints and taurine to aid heart health pet supplements.

Then when thinking about the diet requirements of other people you know, bear in mind that simply like collars and beds, dog foods aren’t always one size fits all.

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