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Gwinnett Company Animal Shelter

The Gwinnett County dog shelter consumes roughly 7, 000 to 8, 000 creatures annually. Most have actually strayed from their particular houses or already been abandoned. In 2015, approximately 88% of this pets impounded because of the refuge were adopted, rescued, or reclaimed by their particular proprietors. Adopting an animal from the protection can actually save its life, and animal adoptions are fairly cheap. Pets, including people that have unique needs - injuries or diseases that want extra attention - bring great delight into life of their proprietors.

The Animal Shelter may offer for use any pet of not known ownership after having held the pet for three (3) days during which the shelter is ready to accept the public. If the owner is famous, an animal will likely to be held for a time period of ten (10) schedule times, as provided in section I0-35(a). If an animal is voluntarily surrendered to your pet shelter by its owner, the pet can be supplied for adoption or rescue immediately. The regularity with which pets are used and put in any home can be restricted, being ensure that the pets are likely to great homes.

To adopt a pet, you need to be about 18 years old (ID needed), while must pay the mandatory use fee.

Adopted animals should be spayed or neutered (sterilized) within the next time periods:

* For pets older than six (6) months, within thirty (30) days of the adoption.
* For sexually immature pets, within the first six (6) months old

If a followed animal just isn't sterilized within required period of time, it may possibly be reclaimed because of the pet shelter. If an animal becomes pregnant after the time specified for the animal to be sterilized, the owner may receive a citation for violating this article.

The housing usually houses a surprising wide range of purebred animals. Additionally, we're able to place citizens touching people or rescue groups who might offer help with finding certain varieties of creatures.

People seldom bring fish, wild birds, ferrets, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, or reptiles to your shelter, nevertheless the exact same procedures apply to all animals.

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