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You are taking care of your pet. You give it food, water and vet treatment. However, if you have not accredited your dog with all the county, you're not giving your furry friend all attention it deserves therefore're in infraction of law.

Licensing your dog may be the law. County law states that pet proprietors must register their particular kitties, dogs and ferrets which are four months of age or older with a county license (Marion County Code, part 4, area 8 - 9). If you do not have a license for your pet, you might receive a citation and good start at $100.

Licensing your pet assists it discover its method house. The county license acts as a second as a type of recognition if the dog becomes lost or hurt. When your pet gets lost, could you instead tell refuge staff you are missing a brown tabby cat or that you're lacking a brown tabby-cat with a license amount of L10-1223? Many, numerous brown tabby kitties live in Marion County. Just one features a license few L10-1223.

Licensing your furry friend helps maintain it safe from condition. The county permit is proof that the animal happens to be vaccinated against rabies, keeping your animals among others safe from infection. Even though you have an "inside pet, " understand that it takes only a one-time escape from the home and a one-time scuffle with a stray animal or wildlife for the dog to contract the illness.


Deliver your dog to your Animal Center during business hours and tell staff in front table that you would like your pet microchipped. Microchipping costs $15 and takes only a few moments, but provides a lifelong ways identification for the pet. This service is only open to Marion County residents and also to those who have a present license (unless they're too young for a rabies vaccine.)

Need a license?

1.) Get your animal a rabies vaccine. You may get a rabies vaccination at any veterinarian office, vaccine clinic or at the Animal Center. Rabies vaccines can be found at the Animal Center from 2-3p.m only on Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Aggressive dogs are going to be known a personal veterinary hospital.

2.) Buy a license. Permits are $8 for a juvenile or spayed/neutered animal and $40 for an unspayed/unneutered pet. You can aquire permits within Animal Center or mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope and proof the rabies vaccine to 5701 SE 66th St., Ocala, FL 34480 and staff will send the license.
Participating veterinarians also sell licenses.

Animal Services will keep tabs on your license renewal times and send you a reminder if it is time for you to revaccinate and relicense. Do not forget to call if you move or replace your phone number! Phone 352-671-8700 or 352-671-8727.

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