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Broward Animal Control

If you have any of the above problems or any other conflict or concern with Florida wildlife, give us a call at 954-372-1195. We are happy to listen to your problem, give you a price quote for a solution, and schedule an appointment for same or next-day service. We operate in the greater Boca Raton area, and all of Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We handle squirrels, snakes, rats, raccoons, bats, armadillos, and any nuisance wildlife critters. You can email Wildlife Removal Services owner Wildlife Pros Inc. at: email removed, sorry.

Dog problems in Broward:

I was wondering if there is anything that animal control can do about my neighbor and her little dog? She leaves the dog tied to her garage door sometimes during the day for hours at a time. She sometimes even leaves the dog out there when she leaves. It is cold outside now and just earlier today she had her dog tied up to the garage and she was no where to be found. I was tempted to take a picture of the dog outside alone but did not know if that was against any laws or anything like that. At times she just opens her front door and lets the dog out without even coming outside with it. Then sometimes she walks her dog without a leash. I thought that was not allowed? I thought that a dog had to be on a leash at all times when walking them. Maybe I am wrong but I do not know. Then recently over the Holiday she had left for a couple days and left her dog on their back porch. Well the dog figured out a way to get out and was all in my yard and everything. I am a dog owner myself so its not nothing against the dog I think that it is all her fault because she does not seem to care. One time when she let her dog out without being outside with it, I took my dog out (on a leash) to use the bathroom and the dog was like right at my front door when I was exiting my house. So I put my dog up and walked over to her house and knocked on her door. I kindly told her that her dog was loose and running around in my yard. She came out with an attitude yelling at me "was my dog in your yard"? And I told her "Yes". Then she said something in Spanish that I could not understand. And she chased her dog around for about ten minutes trying to catch it. Anyways I was wondering if there is anything that animal control can do about it? Because when I lived in Osceola County my friends dog was in her yard without a leash and she got a citation for like $500.00. They told her that she would either have to pay it or get rid of the dog. But I do believe that there is something that animal control can do and if I need to take pictures of the dog tied up to the garage with NO food or water access than I can do that. Please have someone write me back with a solution because I have only one problem with my neighbor and that is her not having any responsibilities about her dog. I have three young children in my house and I would not want to have to sue her for her dog biting one of them. So please if you can get back to me via e-mail. I would greatly appreciate it. Christine

Wow, I feel bad for that dog. Unfortunately, I'm just a wildlife trapper, and know nothing about dogs or laws. You have to contact your local animal services. Good luck, and thanks for looking out for a poor dog

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