Shelter Dog Gets Out For A Day

Collier Animal Control


Collier County Government offices will be closed on Monday, January 16, in observation of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

License and Vaccinate Your Pet

  • Dogs, cats and ferrets over four months old must have a current rabies vaccination.
  • Dogs and cats over four months old must have a valid annual County license.
  • The license must be affixed to the collar or harness unless the animal is confined.
Proper Animal Care
  • Pets and livestock must be provided with adequate shelter, a sufficient quantity of good and wholesome food and water, exercise, and fresh air.
  • Pets may not be confined in an unattended motor vehicle under conditions or for lengths of time that may endanger the health and/or physical well-being of the animal.
Be a Good Neighbor
  • Pets must be confined to the owner’s property or walked on a leash.
  • Pets may not run at large.
  • Pets may not chase, run after, or jump at vehicles or bicycles using the right-of-way; and may not snap, growl, snarl, jump upon, or threaten persons using the right-of-way.
  • Pet feces must be immediately removed and properly disposed of.
  • Pets may not create a sanitary nuisance on public or private property.
  • Pets may not make noise that is offensive and of such a continuous duration of time that it creates a nuisance.
For the Dog Owner
  • Any enclosure used as a primary means of confinement for a dog must meet the size and structural integrity requirements defined in the Animal Control Ordinance.
  • A dog may not be tethered outdoors, except when in visual range of a responsible party located outside with the dog. Additional specific conditions as defined in the Animal Control Ordinance must also be met.
  • Owners must confine a female dog in heat so that she cannot be bred, unless the breeding is specific and intentional.

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