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Dog Adoption in Broward County


Start your search immediately! Do not wait!

Whistling, calling, walking and driving are still the best first steps to finding a lost pet. Be sure to drive around at night, also; a pet that is frightened or is seeking shelter from Florida’s heat may hide during the day and become active at night. Talk to neighbors, leaving a description of your pet with as many people as you can. The more “eyes” watching for your pet, the better. Neighborhood children can be especially helpful. Let your mail person know about your missing pet; postal carriers cover a lot of territory. Check local playgrounds, shopping centers, parks and other places where crowds gather.

Check with the animal shelters listed below:

The Humane Society of Broward County
954.989.3977 ext. 6720

Broward County Animal Care & Adoption Center
954.359.1313 or 954.970.0130

Free Ride Home

Not only can the Rabies Registration Tag identify your pet, but it can save you money! If your dog gets lost from home for the first time and is found by a Broward County Animal Care Control Officer with a current Rabies Registration Tag/registered microchip, your pet will be returned to you and no citation will be issued.

Leave a complete description of your pet in case he/she is brought in to them. You should also visit the shelters and continue to visit regularly, as they receive new animals daily and only you know exactly what your pet looks like. Check with nearby veterinary clinics in case your pet has been injured and transported to the clinic by a passer-by. To learn more about this service offered by Broward County Animal Care & Adoption Center, please click here.

Get the word out!

Consider making and posting flyers in shopping centers, on telephone poles, in veterinary offices, pet stores and grooming parlors in your area. Include a detailed description and the name of your pet. Your pet will be more likely to approach a stranger if called by name. If possible, include a clear, reproducible photo. Provide a copy of the flyer to mail carriers, newspaper carriers, utility service people, etc. Advertise in local newspapers. Also, watch the “Found” ads and respond to any that may possibly be your pet. After a week of wandering, your white poodle may look like a “grey mixed breed.” Contact local radio or TV stations that broadcast lost pet reports. Above all, don’t give up searching for your lost pet after just a few days or even weeks. Your pet may wander or may be kept by someone for some time before being turned in to a shelter. Even if your pet was wearing tags, there is always a chance that they were lost or that someone took them off.


Keep your pet properly confined at all times: indoors, on a leash, or in a securely – fenced area. (If fenced, check routinely for holes between and under the fence, loose gate latches, etc.) Be aware when service people visit your home or yard; they may leave gates open.

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