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Who We Are

PJ's Small Dog Rescue is a not for profit 501(c)3 rescue. The purpose of PJ's Small Dog Rescue is to foster homeless dogs, spay/neuter them, bring them up-to-date on their shots, de-worm, flea treatment, and microchip them before they are adopted into their new forever homes. We also try to educate the public who have unaltered dogs to the reason why it is so important to spay/neuter their pets as there are far too many unwanted dogs ending up in the shelters/rescues. We DO NOT adopt our rescue dogs into home with unaltered dogs. We adopt our small dogs to homes mainly in the SACRAMENTO, STOCKTON, ANTIOCH and East Bay surrounding areas, but we will consider adoptions outside our adoption area as well as out-of-state. We do not ship our rescue dogs and puppies as all adoptions are in person with a signed contract. Our volunteers are dedicated people volunteering their love, support and hard work and are the best volunteers in the world. We are an all volunteer non-profit small dog rescue and no one receives pay for all the hard work that is so rewarding to us all. We mainly rescue dogs who are the fluffy breeds that are 10 pounds and under.

Adopting a friend

Anyone interested in one of PJ's Small Dog Rescue's dogs, please make contact by EMAIL for the required Adoption Questionnaire and one will be emailed back to you. If you make contact by phone you will still be required to submit an adoption questionnaire. When we receive your completed adoption questionnaire via email, it will be forwarded to our adoption review committee for approval before you are invited to meet the dog or puppy you are interested in adopting. We prefer our small rescue dogs to be placed in homes where someone is home during the day and consideration will be given to those homes first. Puppies and young dogs will only be placed in homes where someone is home during the day and it is our policy to not place young puppies in homes with young children but this is on a case by case basis. All PJ's Small Dog Rescue dogs are indoor only dogs who have outdoor privileges for play and potty. It is unacceptable to leave these little rescue dogs in a garage or outside while their families are gone for short or long periods of time. We recommend crating these little dogs in the house or confining to a small gated area in the home while their people are gone for short periods of time. At first the rescue dog should be confined to a small gated area within the home until you are comfortable leaving them free in the house. Just because a rescue dog is doing well at potty training in their foster home has no bearing on what they will do at their new loving forever home and we never say one of our rescue dogs is potty trained. Please remember all people involved with PJ's Small Dog Rescue are non-paid volunteers and we are only interested in what is in the best interest of the dogs and puppies in our care. PJ's Small Dog Rescue adoption fees is $350.

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