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I only ever take the time to write a review- if either A) it was amazing service.. Or B) it was truly awful. A girlfriend suggested I take my cat to Costal Cat Clinic when we moved to the area- Gizmo has health issues that I had already spent nearly $1, 000 in the past to try and figure out what was wrong with her- the previous vet had told me it was a food allergy- so for about a year I was buying $100 bags of food for her. I took Gizmo into Coastal Cat Clinic to see if they can provide better insight- because even with the new food - she still licked herself raw.. Dr. Smith is very attentive, knowledgable and patient. After her first examination of my cat she recognized how much money I had spent in the past and was very considerate of this as she offered a solution. She suggested a blood draw to send to the labs and get an entire blood screening to get down to the bottom of her health issues. Her confidence and care was helpful as I agreed to spend more money on trying to help my fur baby. With the results- we discovered she was primarily allergic to dust!!! Oh man! And to think how much money I had spend on special food... Not to say that may not be a contributing factor- but to understand it wasn't stress or her food- but dust! Was VERY relieving!! She took the time to help- and we got some answers that work! Now, I always feel like that annoying client with issue after issue and always calling them- but Dr. Smith and her staff have NEVER made me feel that way. They are very attentive, caring and patient! They have always done their best to work with my schedule - especially when I need a last minute health cert before my cat flies out!! As my family moves to the other side of the world- I am very grateful for the care received by Coastal Cat Clinic... All I can do now is write a review that I hope may be useful to someone else in need of a great Dr. for their little fur babies!!

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