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It was an absolute pleasure adopting our newest family member from this organization! Adopting a dog isn't a choice to be taken lightly, but once you find the perfect match ; then the decision comes easy! After months of searching we found Ralph on the ANB website. As soon as we saw his picture, we knew instantly that he should be part of our family! The entire process was very simple and efficient thanks to Debbie. She gave a quick turn around to the first online inquiry and the subsequent emails thereafter. FYI, there was a simple application that you need to fill out via email, but it was only 1 page. Once your application is approved, and you are deemed a match, then a meeting is set up for both parties. ANB doesn't have an actual storefront, but they do take up residence in the Altamonte Springs Petsmart on weekends. Anyway, that's where we went to meet Ralph. We were given some alone time with him to see if we were compatible, and you know what? WE WERE, YAY! Debbie had paperwork ready as soon as she knew we wanted him home. Just keep in mind that all adoption fees will be CASH ONLY. Our experience with A New Beginning has been nothing short of amazing. Debbie has proven to be the most knowledgeable person in regards to pet care, pet medication, obedience training, and the best pet vets in the Orlando area. She's definitely passionate about the well being of all the animals that are in her care. Examples? Debbie came to meet us up for the first 2 vet visits to make sure that our dog received the proper care. So, if you ever see her at the Altamonte Petsmart, then thank her for all her hard work! Thank you so much Debbie!

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