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1922 E Colonial Dr
Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 422-7877

I went I played with puppies I left. Not sure if it's a good place to actually adopt puppies though. I definitely wonder where all the grown up dogs go? And there was one guy who was pretty sharp with the puppies when they barked. That said the puppies love to play and are just so excited to see you that you are instantly smitten and must have them. There are little play pens where you can go with a puppy to left it run around and play. There's a toy they can play with and treats you can buy for .25

First off, I'm a believer in adopt don't shop, but this is an ~okay~ place to look at cute puppies in your free time. It's your average puppy shop with very young and adorable pups at outrageous prices. There are two different rooms, one when you walk in where there are the small pups and in the back are the bigger pups. This place is nice in the way that anybody can play with the pups and find the one that they vibe with the best. There are four little gated areas where people can play with their choice of a pup and they have little treats available for 25 cents. All the dogs have little tags that say their breed and also their birth date. Most I've seen are about 2 months old. Kind of makes me sad because they're separated from their mother. All of their little cribs have paper shreds for their comfort and seem to usually get changed when the pup does their thing, which is nice- but when I saw an employee change it, I didn't see any gloves or anything done like sanitizing to make sure the pups will be healthy. On the topic of sanitizing, I've been here 3 times they do not AT ALL enforce that those who come in should sanitize their hands before playing with the pups. They can get very sick this way. A lot of the puppy cribs have their bowls upside down and no staff seem to care or want to fix it. The staff all seem angry and unhappy, especially a certain man, unsure of his name (short, Caucasian, stands around in corners with arms crossed and yells). Also parking is behind the store and is a very small limited parking lot. You will be lucky if you find a spot.

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Puppies Orlando, FL
Puppies Orlando, FL

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