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The adoption donations for pets adopted from Florida Little Dog Rescue range from $150 to $425 depending upon age and medical issues. These donations are non-negotiable, as they are how we cover the veterinary expenses on our pups.

The adoption process for Florida Little Dog Rescue is as follows:

First, you will fill out an adoption application, which can be completed on the adoption application tab on our website. ALL questions must be complete on the adoption application before it will be reviewed. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. ALL fields MUST be completed. If you have questions about the application, please contact us via email,

Your application will be reviewed as soon as possible. This process usually takes a few days and sometimes up to a week or more depending on the availability of our volunteers.

The dog's individual needs will be taken into consideration when we review your application to see if they will fit your lifestyle and home. We DO NOT accept applications or adoption inquiries for dogs that are not currently available for adoption (the ONLY dogs we accept applications for are those on our adoptable dogs page) and we do not keep applications on file longer than 30 days. We ask that you please only apply when there is a dog you are specifically interested in on the Adoptable Dogs page, as we do not "pre-approve" applications, since we consider each application against the individual needs of each dog:) So, if the dog you are looking for is not available for adoption on our website now, you should check back frequently, as new dogs are added all the time, as our website is updated daily as dogs are cleared for adoption.

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