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Humane Society Plattsburgh NY

If you are concerned about the condition, treatment or abandonment of an animal in your area, please call one of the local authorities listed below. For general questions about what constitutes animal cruelty, call our shelter staff. It is not your responsibility to investigate or prove abuse has occurred. Giving your name can be helpful but an anonymous call is better than none at all. Do not be afraid to report your suspicions for fear that you might be wrong. Remember, animals have no way of reporting what is being done to them—they rely on us to defend them.

Essex County Sheriff’s Office: 518-873-2116

NY State Police: 518-897-2000

Dog or Animal Control Officers by Town in Essex County

Chesterfield: Steve Johnson 534-0277
Elizabethtown: Bernard Duso 873-9902
Essex: Scott Hayes 963-7871
Jay: John Pulsifer 524-9562
Keene: Yvette Tillema 576-4251
Lewis: Sandy Denton 873-6567
Newcomb: Linda Marconi 582-2001
North Hudson: Sara Potter 532-9267
Westport: Gary Reynolds 962-8718
Willsboro: Tony Stoker 963-7983
Wilmington: Shirley Lawrence 946-7174

Other Local Animal Shelters

Adirondack Humane Society, Inc., Plattsburgh, NY 518-561-7297

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