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LOGO for Suwannee PAWS Inc.It is the belief of this organization that affordable spay and neuter services can help reduce pet overpopulation, including but not limited to owned companion animals, feral / community cats, shelter animals, and rescue animals.

Thanks to all, much hard work was behind this process, but now the work must continue! Please contact us today if you would like to help in our effort to reduce pet overpopulation and initiate shelter reform in our county and small surrounding counties. For our work to continue, we need donations and support from our region and also corporate and private investors to help further our cause. Thank you!

acrc-501c3June 22-25, 2015: Dr. Daniels attended the Humane Alliance training center in Asheville, North Carolina for advanced spay/neuter techniques. This was made possible by a generous scholarship from Neighborhood Cats, Inc. A very heartfelt thank you to the staff and administrators at Neighborhood Cats for this opportunity, and also to the staff at Humane Alliance.

SPI opened on June 2nd, 2014 and officially held the ribbon cutting ceremony on Sept. 26, 2014.


Work with private citizens, rescue groups, city organizations, and shelters to help decrease animal euthanasia by promoting spaying and neutering

♥ Promote responsible pet ownership and animal sheltering in this region to include adherence to state and local animal statutes and law, assurance of the Five Freedoms for all animals in our shelter system, and to promote spay and neuter BEFORE adoption in this county

Doc at HA Rob Seal photo♥ Promote early-age spaying and neutering (2 POUNDS except for toy or very small breeds)

♥ Serve as a local center for feral and community cat programs including “TNR” (Trap-Neuter-Return), “SNR” (Shelter-Neuter-Return), and colony management support

♥ Help serve military families and veterans in need of reduced-cost basic care for companion animals

Dr. Daniels is a Suwannee County native and worked in the spay/neuter field since 2009. She moved this organization to Suwannee County by founding Suwannee PAWS here in Live Oak, Florida.ribbon cutting BIG Please contact us for more information, as we continue to improve our service to the public.

SPI has just received the 501(c)(3) designation, so we are working hard to seek out grants and assistance which may be out there for us. Please be patient, grants take time but we are finally starting our journey. (October 2016)

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