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I have actually worked at this place, but I no longer live in Jacksonville or work there anymore. I have no obligation to make this review except that I Googled it to get the address and I noticed there were no reviews for it. I thought, what a shame, it's such a nice place to board dogs!. So here's my professional (and personal) opinion/review. The owners of McKendree Kennels are two of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet (husband & wife team). They are the salt of the earth, honest and accommodating to pet owners. Their kennel has huge safe and clean indoor individual kennel runs inside a heated /cooled building. Each kennel run also has it's own individual outside run that is enclosed with chain link fencing, so dogs cannot come into contact with each other (which keeps them safe). The dogs can see each other and talk to each other, but there's no actual physical contact between them, unless they are boarded in the same kennel by the dog's owner. The kennels are well-cleaned daily every morning and spot cleaned throughout the day. The dogs are checked on constantly and are fed/watered properly. Any special requests that the dog owner has (such as giving the dog special food, treats, medications, etc) are respected and accommodated by the owners. Pet owners are always treated like old friends... Marsha Mann, the lady that runs the place, is a friendly cheerful soul who knows no stranger, and you will feel welcome the moment you walk in the door and meet her. Her husband is a great guy, but he mostly is a work behind the scenes person. So, as a pet business, this place meets my own personal high criteria: It is clean It is roomy It is safe It is cool in Summer and warm in Winter It is professional but very friendly Animal care in general is top notch No idiots work there... only the owners.

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Puppy Jacksonville FL
Puppy Jacksonville FL

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