PetSmart in Orlando FL

731 N Alafaya Trail
Orlando, FL 32828
(407) 275-0799

I have takem my dog here for vaccubes and to get his nails cut. Each time the experinec have been satisfactory. This tine I took hin for grooming and it was the best visit of all. They showered him, did his nails, brushed his teeth, put anti itch on him because of his sensitive skin, and put him a very cute bow tie. They also cleaned his bowel. The lady that took care of him was so polite and looked like she really enjoyed her job. She treated by baby with so much car and even told me what breed he was. He came out looking fabulous. She recommended a different dog food to help with his skin rash. I will definitely be back!

I do not write reviews often. It is usually if I get extremely good service or extremely bad service. This is only in reference to the grooming department. We have taken our two dogs there several times over the year. Out of the 4 times we have taken them to be groomed, twice they have come back with big red raw patches on them that later turned to huge scabs. We will never be taking them there again. If highly recommended another place or business for grooming.

The employees at this location do not care about the well being of animals. I informed the manager over the phone and a clerk in the store of many recent reports of Natural Balance foods causing acute renal failure in cats and dogs-a highly probable melamine contamination. I said they should alert customers and possibly remove the food from shelves or reject shipments. She was very rude and said "it doesn't work like that... the COMPANY tells us what to do." Little does she know that recalls are issued at the voluntary discretion of the food manufacturer and that it is up to them as good human beings to do the right thing. It is worth noting that all of the employees were wearing shirts that said "Natural Balance" on them, so they are pushing this contaminated product. Overall, I cannot recommend PetSmart to anyone in good faith. has more competitive food prices and they have removed Natural Balance (in general its quality has declined since Del Monte purchased it in 2013).

Fair place to get some supplies for people who have pets in this area. A bit expensive, but less expensive than Petco. However I am able to get supplies here that I can find in other pet supply stores. Customer service is good!

This is a review for the grooming salon. We've been taking our Australian Shepherd here for over 2 years now. The staff is extremely friendly and you can clearly tell they love dogs as much as the owners bringing the dogs do. I think it's adorable that they greet my dog by his first name and talk to him as if he's a human, especially bc I talk to my dog all the time ( if you don't know I'm pretty much obsessed with my dog !). We paid $80 this time for a bath, defurminator and trim on our 40 pound super sheddy dog. The price is a bit steep and I'm sure I can find cheaper but they've been so great so far I see no reason to change. They did an amazing job on his trim. They also give you a report card at the end letting you know what they did and how the dog was which I think is fantastic. We normally take him on the weekends around 10am which is a great quite time, this time they only had 12:30 slot open. I recommend not bringing them at this time bc the place was BUMPIN' like it was a dog dance club or something! The inside where you check in on the dog is quite small so I had to wait outside until it cleared up. But overall totally recommend it!

This is for the grooming department only. I haven't personally used then groomers here but after what I have seen I absolutely never would. We just moved to the area and needed to pick up a few things. We went twice in as many days. As we were checking out each time we could see the groomers with the dogs through the big window at the front of the store. Both times we saw a couple groomers being exremely rough with the dogs the were working with. I understand that sometimes an animal doesn't want to get groomed and will try to get away and you may need to hold them in place. That's no problem if done correctly. I saw one person grab a poor dogs leg to shave underneath it so rough and so high that I worried it would dislocate. There was no way his\her leg needed to be that high and twisted into the position it was in. I felt horrible for this poor animal. The next visit I witnessed the groomer grab the dogs face by just the fur and its ear and it was apparent that it was hurting the dog. Again I understand that you have to hold the animal still to trim its fur but this was overkill. It was so bad that I made a comment to the cashier about it and then I had to go wait outside while my bf completed our purchases. I love Pet Smart stores and have several items that we regularly get for our dog. But because of the treatment of the dogs getting groomed I won't return here. I won't support a company that employs people who treat animals like this.

So I always come to this petsmart and today was bad. I went to pet supply on alafaya before hand looking, for fish filters but I thought there price was too expensive until I got to petsmart. So let's start with the fish, well there was none they were all out of common fish (chiclids bala shark and many more, looked like a dessert they had NO fish) then I went to grab my filters well they were more expensive then pet supply store. so I said okay I'm sure petsmart as big as they are will price match 3 dollars right. wrong! I called pet supply to verify price and pulled it up on there website to show the manager and he said sorry we don't price match. Ummm what do you mean? He said I would have to go all the way back there pay for it bring the receipt come all the way back here buy petsmarts then go all the way back there and return really guys? Like everyone price matches well these guys lost my business and I spent over $2k last month there wow petsmart wow:/

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