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Use the dog and cat scrollers below to see our available pets. Click on the photo or name for more info about that pet and the adoption status. We update the list at least once a week so that you know which pets are still looking for a home. And don't forget about our pets and our !

Please note that we prefer and may require a fenced yard for many of our dogs
. Exceptions are made on an individual basis depending on the dog's needs, the person's dog experience, the dog's and person's activity levels, home environment and other factors. Visit our adoption process page for info about adopting a pet.

The HSGKC Dog Blog: Yips, Yaps, Barks & Howls
Wish you could know more about the dogs at HSGKC? We do, too! We thought the best way to tell you more would be to ask the dogs themselves. This blog was created for our dogs to give you the yips, yaps, barks and howls about what's going on - from their point of view. Visit the dog blog >

Special Needs Pets
We take in many dogs and cats with injuries or medical issues and provide them with the care they need. We also take in some pets who hadn't been well-socialized and are timid and need extra care. We provide bios about each pet on their Petfinder page to help you understand their needs. You may also indicate on your adoption application that you are interested in adopting a special needs pets and our adoption coordinators can then help you find a good match.

Senior Pets
Older pets make wonderful companions and, yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks! Some come to us after their person passes away. Others have been taken for neglect, some having spent their whole lives in a very sad situation. Regardless, they all deserve to live their golden years in a comfy home with lots of love. You can do a search by age to find our current senior pets on our pet scroller above.

For a more comprehensive pet search go directly to our Petfinder Home Page and click on Our Pet List. There you can find additional information listed about each of our pets and quickly search to find particular features (declawed cats, special needs pets, etc).

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