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I moved to MS in 2005, previously living in NYC. Although my whole life I wanted a dog I was unable to due to living in apartments. So, when I moved here my first priority was adopting one. I found EMAR through a web search and started looking for my first little orphan to give a home to. I don't know what the attraction was but Lindsay (now named Birdie, after my deceased Mom) caught my eye. At that time EMAR held their adoption days at Bonita Mall and I decided to go se if Birdie would be there. Sure enough she was. I went to her and gave her a scratch on the nose but she seemed sad and I didn't get much of a response which made me feel that she needed someone to love her and give her a reason to be happy. There were other dogs that were more playful but I knew somehow this dog was for me. Well, first impressions are deceiving. Birdie is one of my most happy, lovable and well behaved dogs. She loves bath time, riding in the car, licking any part of me that she can get to and chasing hawks flying high in the sky. I guess her name suits her perfectly. She loves nothing more than to snuggle up with me on the couch and sleep with her head on my lap. I thank EMAR for this precious dog and since my experience was so positive I have adopted 3 more "kids" from EMAR.

2 months after adopting Birdie from EMAR I decided it was time for her to have a companion. I visited the web site to find my next baby and again Millie ( now named Peenut) caught my eye. This time I just headed over to her foster Mom's house and when I saw her it was love at first sight. She is a dachshund mix and the sweetest little girl. Peenut and Birdie hit it off and then I had 2 couch potato's to snuggle up with. I have nicknamed her "the referee" because when all my other dogs (now its up to 7) play outside and act like dogs she stays on the outside of the commotion, circles them all and barks at them. It is so funny and the joy she adds to my life and home is indescribable. Thanks again EMAR for my second success story.

I couldn't look at Peanut's Facebook picture without my heart breaking. I waited almost a month before I contacted...

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