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Thanks to his Chihuahua background, a Chug can come in many different colors.

Opening your heart and home to a crossbreed dog is like opening a beautifully wrapped package on your birthday: you never know what’s going to be inside. It’s often assumed that a crossbreed will combine the best characteristics of two or more breeds, but genetics doesn’t always work that way. The way genes express themselves is not always subject to a breeder’s control, and it's even less so when two different breeds are crossed. That’s something to keep in mind before you lay down lots of money for a dog that you have been assured will be, say, hypoallergenic or healthier than a purebred.

Chugs can have a wide range of personalities, depending on whether he takes after his somewhat suspicious and imperious Chihuahua side or the sweetly comic Pug. At his best, he is friendly and affectionate. At weights ranging from 10 to 20 pounds, he is a comfortable size for most homes. But because he is a crossbreed, his traits are not fixed, so there is not a guarantee that the Chug you purchase will be the size predicted by a breeder.

Don’t forget that while a Chug may inherit the cute appearance of the Pug or Chihuahua, he may also inherit less-desirable traits, such as the Pug’s propensity for breathing problems or the Chihuahua’s tendency to yap. Both breeds tend to have an overload of self-esteem and may need to be protected from themselves. Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes, in particular, can be aggressive toward bigger dogs. Socialize a Chug extensively, and take him to puppy kindergarten to help prevent this problem.

Chugs have a low to moderate activity level that is adaptable to their owner’s lifestyle. They will enjoy a nice walk or active playtime each day, and if you’re talented at training (and the dog's overall health is good enough - your vet can help determine that), they can participate dog sports such as obedience and rally. A well-behaved Chug can also make a great therapy dog.

If your Chug takes after his Pug ancestors, you can bet that he will enjoy his meals, perhaps a bit too much. Take care not to overfeed him. Excess weight can exacerbate some health problems - including joint problems and breathing difficulties - which are not unusual in Pugs and Pug mixes.

Chugs tend to be smart and can learn quickly, but they can also be stubborn or have a short attention span. Keep training sessions short and fun. If you begin socialization and training early and use positive reinforcement techniques such as praise, play, and food rewards, you can successfully train a Chug.

Other Quick Facts

  • Chugs are companion dogs. They love their people and need to live in the house - never outdoors.
  • A Chug will most likely have a short, smooth coat that sheds moderately to heavily.
  • Because of their small size, Chugs are best suited to homes with older children who know how to handle them carefully.

The History of Chugs

People have been crossing dog breeds for millennia in the attempt to achieve a certain look, temperament, or working ability. That’s how many well-known purebreds including the Affenpinscher, Australian Shepherd, Black Russian Terrier, Brussels Griffon, Doberman Pinscher, German Wirehaired Pointer, and Leonberger got their start.

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