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Buddy_Bear_crop_export.jpgOur goal is to provide you a perfect match with one of our dogs! We are located in Melbourne, Australia. With nearly 40 years of animal welfare experience between us we aim to find the best possible home for each of our rescues taking into consideration their individual needs and requirements. We take pride in ensuring that all enquiries are responded to promptly. Where the chosen rescue dog may not be the right choice, depending on family structure or lifestyle, we are then happy to discuss and advise what type of dog would be much better suited.

Once you have selected your preferred dog please give Caroline a call on 0432 585 484 or email us on . We try to respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. Caroline will discuss your requirements and the requirements of the dog. If it sounds like a good match, a meet and greet will be organised. We bring the dog to you. It is best to have your entire family present for the meet and greet and of course your current pets. This is so we can get a feel as to whether the dog is a good fit. If the meet and greet goes well, the dog will go on trial for 7 days. We are happy to extend trials, at your request, to ensure that you feel the dog and your family are the right fit. Once the trial is finished, if you are happy and the dog has settled we then organise a formal adoption. You now officially have a new family member!


It feels like yesterday I saw Buddy's face on the Pet Rescue website. It took me a week of nagging my boyfriend, now husband Alex, to ring Matt to arrange a meet and greet. I was so nervous about meeting Buddy, my first thought was he is so handsome and huge. Then Buddy ever so gently jumped up his paws either side of my shoulders and smiled at me. I knew he had to be my furbaby. Matt suggested we take him for a quiet walk around the block. He was amazing, he didn't care at all about other dogs barking he was just happy to go for a walk. We got back to Matt's and both agreed that we were 99.99% sure we wanted to adopt him. A week passed and Alex had told me if we get Buddy I would have to start walking to the train station more often so Buddy could get a walk. The next day my car wasn't going to start so off I walked to the station. I didn't mind that we couldn't pick up Buddy for a while and enjoyed my day at work. When I was almost home Alex rang to say he was going to meet me at the train station. When I arrived Alex wasn't there, five to ten minutes passed then I saw him walking and smiling. I looked down and who was with him but Buddy. Boy did I cry and hug Buddy so tight!

bambi_lucca_crop.jpgEveryone who met Buddy fell in love with him and he loved them back. It was such a honour and pleasure having him as part of our lives. I loved nothing more than hugging and kissing him every minute I spent with him. He even came to my vet nursing class, he was a big hit!

Unfortunately Buddy hurt his shoulder which his vet said was a pulled muscle. He seemed to get better. But then he started limping. After having x-rays the vet broke the heartbreaking news that Buddy had bone cancer. Alex and I made the decision the moment he stopped smiling that we would put him to sleep. We never knew Buddy's age so we decided chemotherapy and taking off his front leg was not an option.

We managed to have our Buddy Bear in our lives for 1 year and 2 days. But I tell you, that time was the best most loving days of mine and Alex's life all because of Matt's huge heart and giving Buddy a second chance. Even though Buddy has gone I have changed my life around. I have helped sponsor other Malamutes needing to be rehomed, helped assist with two Malamute adoptions, and joined the Alaskan Malamute Club Of Victoria and am currently serving on the committee.

Alex and I adopted another Malamute after Buddy who is the most loving girl. Miss Chardy has helped mend our broken hearts and nearly a year and half ago we fostered and then adopted a Malamute puppy called Zorro (who does so many things like Buddy) who also has helped mend our hearts. We have photo of Buddy all around our house because we never want to forget him.

Thank you again Matt, we will always admire the hard work you do and adore your huge heart.

Mel and Alex Gray


Bambi and Lucca are so very happy that Matt and his rescue group gave them the opportunity at a new life. I am forever grateful that Matt took my babies into his home and cared for them until I was able to find them.

I think they were a bit of a handful and Lucca was a special needs dog who needed to have his front leg amputated due to a bad break. But Matt took care of everything and stuck to his guns about rehoming them together when it would have been so much easier for him to split them up. Bambi and Lucca are brother and sister and have lived together all their life. I shudder to think what might have happened to them without Matt's intervention.

We can't thank Matt enough for being who he is and doing what he does.


With love, licks, and waggy tails,

Bambi, Lucca, and Michelle


Having Kevin in the family life has been nothing but just absolutely glorious!! Rescue dogs understand what it's like to be alone and sad. You can see it in their eyes that they have once suffered and know what it's like.

Kevin has taught us so much and we have also taught him a great deal. He taught me to be patient and that life is hard and messy but to never give up. Kevin was out in that lonely world for nine years and he continued to battle on, even on deaths door he still refused to give in. We'd like to thank Matt for giving him that last chance.

Kevin knows how to sit, fetch, jump up, and is potty trained!! Kevin loves nothing more to be with his family whether it's walking, lounging in the sun, or sleeping on beds. His excitement when we get home from school or work and first thing in the morning is just so beautiful and we just go up and give him a huge cuddle. I can't believe after all he's been through and what he's never known for nine years that he would ever trust humans at all. My family and I feel honoured that he trusts us to look after him. He really is a friend and companion for life. Thankyou from the Buckley's - Hugh, Pene, Mollie, and Pippa

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