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Jacksonville Humane Society Hospital


General Questions

Q. Does the hospital include shelter or adoption facilities for your rescue animals?

A. No, the Community Animal Hospital (CAH) is used to provide medical treatment and care to dogs and cats.

Q. Can anyone make an appointment at the hospital?

A. Yes, anyone is welcome to make an appointment to bring their cat or dog to the hospital. We offer a full range of services at affordable prices for all customers. (link)

Q. Can I make an appointment for my rabbit, iguana or ferret?

A. Our focus is on dogs and cats. We can provide information on veterinary practices that do offer care for other companion animals.

Q. Do you provide credit or payment plans?

Q. Do you offer cat or dog boarding?

A. That is not a service we are able to offer.

Q. The Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) is a non-profit organization. What happens to the revenue that the hospital will generate?

A. After all hospital operating expenses are covered; any and all remaining dollars benefit the JHS mission and programs.

Services Questions

Q. Why do dogs and cats over 5 years old require pre-anesthesia blood work and when over 8 years geriatric blood work before surgery?

A. As animals age there is the potential for development of conditions that can make routinely used anesthesia drugs difficult for their system to handle. Blood work can help identify problems that should be considered before anesthesia is administered and helps lower the risk of potential complications.

Q. What is the earliest age spay/neuter surgery can be done for my puppy or kitten?

A. Surgery can be done as early as 8 weeks of age.

Q. Is it required that my pet be spayed/neutered prior to using additional hospital services?

A. Yes. Spay/Neuter of pets helps to control over population of animals in our area. The result is fewer unwanted and abandoned animals. Pets must be spayed/neutered in order to use our hospital services for the health and safety of your pet and the pets in our community. If your pet is not altered prior to their first appointment, we can schedule a spay or neuter appointment for you. Otherwise no additional services will be allowed until the pet is altered.

Q. Is dental care something my pet needs to stay healthy?

A. Bad breath from your pet is no smiling matter. Oral disease can lead to serious consequences for both cats and dogs. This can include serious infections, severe pain and even organ damage. With regular oral health maintenance and check-ups, most of these problems can be avoided. Check your pet between visits for these warning signs:

  • Tartar buildup on the teeth
  • Swollen, receding or bleeding gums
  • Fractured or abscessed teeth
  • Change in eating habits
  • Bad breath

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