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Just took my baby Romeo here for the $30 wash, nail trim, etc and they took excellent care of him. He doesn't like being away from me and it was my first time bringing him here so I was a little nervous of how he would react. The store is a cute little pet store that I will definitely come back to because I saw some cute dog bowls. I dropped him off at 10am as a walk in and he was taken back immediately. I let them know he had sensitive skin and they said their shampoo is good for sensitive skin so yay! I got the call at about 12:50 that he was ready. It seems a bit long but he smelled amazing afterwards so I knew the 3 hours was spent nicely. They did call and say he wouldn't let them cut his nails which I kind of saw coming but when I got there and he saw me he let them and they were so nice about it. He's a nervous dog around strangers but they understood and took great care of him. I will definitely come back! And mind, if you are paying with a card there is a $1 fee but I didn't mind.

Im new to the area and found Pet Creations simply by the colorful displays outside. I checked Yelp reviews, and took my allergy girl there for a bath. Lana is great. While we waited, my Eskie boy got some training refreshers by wandering the small animal aisles. He had never seen a parrot before! I will be a regular.

Who knew they were also a feed store? Well, they are! Our backyard hens will only at Central States Layers Chicken Feed, and Pet Creations has it! That, and the pine having bedding material, scratch (also Central States) and oyster shells, cracked corn, and other treats. The staff loads it in my car while I wait to pay, and they are all very friendly. No more Tractor Supply for me, this gem is great!

This store carries our dog food, which is hard to find, so we come once a month..the lady that owns is always so helpful and has a ton of knowledge about dogs/puppies. Her staff is more than happy to carry the food to my car. Its a little rough around the edges, but has what we need & are super nice!

The Northside's saltwater tank supply. The only saltwater tank supply. I have to say that I have to go here sometimes. Like today when I'm out of food and have you ever seen a couple of hungry fish look at you. I have and I did this morning. So off to pet creations I went while I have a chance to get some food.

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Jacksonville Pet stores
Jacksonville Pet stores

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