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If you are interested in adopting a dog from RPR an application must be submitted first. We are an all volunteer organization and most of us work full time jobs and devote many hours of our spare time to rescue; we ask that you only fill out an application if you are seriously considering adopting a dog.

Please keep in mind our only goal is to place our dogs in safe and loving homes. If you want a dog RIGHT now, then our rescue is not for you. Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment and should not be done in haste. Our adoption process takes time and does not happen overnight.

All of our dogs are in foster homes throughout Alabama and Georgia. We do not have a facility for you to visit. We ask that you complete the adoption application and we will begin the adoption process. This process takes about 10-14 days. Please do not call and ask about certain dogs if you haven’t filled out an application. You will receive an “application received” letter within a few days of sending the application. Once the reference checks are completed and a homevisit is done we will then contact you to talk with you about specific dogs that are available and are a match with your application. Then we will set up a meeting place for a get-together with your potential adoptive pet. You cannot make arrangements to meet a dog until you have completed the adoption application and process.

The goal of RPR is finding the “right” forever homes for our rescue dogs. We normally have the dogs in a foster home environment for at least 2 weeks and we know the dogs fairly well. We are able to determine in what kind of environment the dog will do best. We will only place our dogs in a home that is the right match and is committed to the dog. Selecting a dog based on the dog’s picture or story alone is a great way to wind up with a dog that is not right for you. If we determine that one dog is not right for your home that doesn’t mean that we can’t find you one. There is no appeal to our placement decisions. Our foster homes devote their time to assessing the needs of each dog, and we would be doing these dogs a great disservice if we did not make every effort to find each dog the best possible home.


The geographical area that we cover includes Alabama, North and Central Georgia. If you live outside our coverage area then you can find a rescue near you at

The person submitting the application must be the person who is adopting the dog. No gifts or surprise adoptions.

The applicant must be willing to undergo reference checks and a homevisit.

All current pets must be up to date on shots, spay/neutered and on heartworm prevention.

All of our dogs are altered before placement.

All dogs MUST reside inside your home! There are no exceptions! Boxer are extremely people oriented, and do not do well as outside dogs. Why get a dog if you don’t want it inside with you where you can enjoy it? An outside dog doesn’t receive the attention that we want for our dogs. When left alone they become bored and will entertain themselves with mainly destructive behaviors: barking, digging or jumping the fence.

Boxers do not fare well in the heat and humidity, due to their brachiocephalic facial structure or smooshed noses. They are also prime targets for being stolen if left outside alone.

A fenced yard is required for most adoptions, although we do make some exceptions depending on the specific dog. Exceptions are always at the sole discretion of RPR.

We do not make same sex placements. Same sex boxer placements are accidents waiting to happen. We occasionally make an exception to the rule if the other dogs are of different smaller breeds but this is totally up to the discretion of RPR.

The adoption contract is signed, and adopters agree to return the dog to RPR if something ever comes up where they can’t keep the dog.

This is not a first-come, first-served process. We match every dog with the right home. We do not have perfect dogs in rescue - if you are looking for a perfect dog then buy a stuffed one. We strive to find our dogs the most wonderful homes possible. If you are not 100% committed to adopting at this time, please do not submit an application. If something happens and you no longer want to continue the process then please let us know.

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