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Gizmo came to the Connecticut Humane Society in June 2013 suffering from demodectic mange that was so severe that he had lost much of his hair and his feet were horribly swollen. By the end of June he was stable enough to enter foster care with volunteer Laurie Boske. In August, Gizmo was declared healthy enough for adoption. But he never made it to the adoption floor because he had wormed his way into his foster mom’s heart. Laurie had fallen completely and hopelessly in love with the little guy and wanted to make him a permanent part of her family. On August 16, Gizmo went to his now permanent home after saying goodbye to all his friends at CHS.

The Connecticut Humane Society finds new, loving homes for more than 5, 000 pets a year. Adopting one pet helps two – the one you take home and the one awaiting space. The adoption counselors are here each and every day to assist you in selecting a new member for your family.

The goal of the Connecticut Humane Society is to promote responsible pet care and ownership. Give careful consideration to the commitments necessary to keeping your new pet happy and healthy. Adopters are asked to complete an adoption questionnaire, participate in an interview and sign a legal adoption agreement. If you are ready to adopt, please review the full adoption process online or visit one of our adoption centers and speak with the staff.

Adopters receive many benefits when they take a pet home. Spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping and in some cases extensive care and rehabilitation are just a few of the services provided to the pets before they go home.

**Interested in giving the gift of a pet? Let your loved one pick out their own pet with a gift certificate. Contact the location

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