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The Polished Pitbull, a pitbull-only rescue in the Philadelphia suburbs We are a dedicated group of pitbull lovers in the Philadelphia area. Our goal is to take temperamentally-sound dogs and find them great homes. We teach our dogs basic obedience skills and have a wonderful relationships with trainers throughout the area who can help with any issues such as jumping, counter surfing, leash walking. We need adopters and the public alike to have a better understanding of pitbull and pitbull mix dogs. There is way too much misinformation out there! Unscrupulous people are using them as a cash-crop, for illegal dog-fighting and gambling. It wasn't always this way. Back in the day, Petey of the Little Rascals, a happy pitbull in the neighborhood, is a dog we all (most of us) remember! We are NOT a shelter. If you are thinking of surrendering your pitbull to a shelter and your dog is a people-loving pitbull, please think twice. Every urban shelter in the United States is full of pitbulls; most of them are euthanized due to lack of space. 2000-3000 a DAY are killed in shelter throughout the US. Many will ONLY euthanize pitbulls and are NOT rescue-friendly, so please consider this carefully before you take that final step. For tips on rehoming your dog, please check On a RARE case by case basis, we consider owner-surrenders who are kid-friendly and dog-social.

Adopting an orphan doggie

Adoption Policy:
  1. You must be at least 23 years of age. Sorry, but the younger you are, the more you like to move around and this is not a good situation for most dogs and they end up, back with the rescue.
  2. Fill out an application and after we review the application, we will visit you in your home with the dog you are interested in. We like to take a walk together; sit around and chat and see if this is a good fit for you and for the dog.
  3. Show solid references, including your veterinarian and friends who can vouch for you.
  4. Landlord approval, if renting. If you own your home, we need to see a good environment for the dog, which in most cases, means a solid 6 foot fence. Hey, these are terriers! They like to jump. However, not having a fenced yard does not eliminate you as a potential adoption candidate. We DO need to know however, how your dog will get the required exercise that he/she needs. If you already have a dog and are looking for a companion dog, we definitely want to see a fenced yard.
  5. Everyone in your household must agree to the adoption. Thats right, all of you.
  6. Sign a legally binding adoption agreement.
  7. Our adoption fee is $150.
  8. All adoptions start as a two week 'trial' sleepover.
Note: All dogs are spayed/neutered and up-to-date on shots; Adoptions are most successful between opposite-sex pairings. This is our preference. We like our dogs to do a two week SLEEPOVER, to start with. This ensures a good fit for you and the dog.
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