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Our company is happy to announce at this point you have TWO options to report deceased pets that need to be taken out of the road(s). There is the choice of earning a report by telephone, by phoning 770.513.5700, or perhaps you may send a contact straight to the Animal Welfare & Enforcement Center.

A message is provided for: In email, please be as particular that you can about the pet's place. Offer the maximum amount of information possible, such as the primary road on which the animal is based, the street number (whenever known), or even the closest intersecting road, any nearby landmarks. Kindly also include your name and phone number, in case we have to contact you for help in locating the pet.

This email address is going to be checked on regular pick-up times.

Deceased animal removals are completed weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. A part-time Animal Control Officer is assigned to complete this frequently. On days that include holidays, the days for pick-up is modified, to ensure the service is still offered by least three days weekly.

Deceased pets is only able to be obtained from the curb of roadway or right of way. The Officer is not permitted going onto exclusive property to remove animals, even with the dog owner's permission, nor can he/she go into wooded areas. This is certainly to prevent the large truck that is required for the pick-up of from damaging the landscape. In the event that animal is small sufficient, it can be placed into a plastic bag and left curbside to-be removed.

To report a pet which dead and needs become acquired on a county or town roadway, kindly call the Gwinnett County Police division, Communications Division, at 770.513.5700, twenty-four hours a day.

As a note, we never grab creatures that are on condition roadways, as those tend to be handled by the Georgia division of Transportation. State roadways within the county often have names and a state course quantity involving all of them, such as Loganville Highway (Highway 78), University Parkway (Highway 316), Scenic Highway (Highway 124), Lawrenceville Highway (Highway 29), Buford Drive (Highway 20), Buford Highway (Highway 13/23), Grayson Highway (GA Highway 84), Beaver Ruin Road (GA Highway 378), portions of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard/Peachtree Parkway (GA Highway 141), Lawrenceville Suwanee path (GA Highway 317), Duluth Highway (GA Highway 120). etc.

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