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I took our matted long haired cat for his very first grooming which was a grooming and lion haircut. Claire did an incredible job! I wasn't sure how it was going to go but our cat did great and Claire got the job done!

Grooming department is absolutely amazing! They do a wonderful job each and every time I have taken my dog there. Ramona is particularly excellent and I have recommended her (and the department) to others in my family. The store is wonderful as well. People are friendly and willing to help. However that 2 for $5 bin of dog toys is pretty useless, they last about a day, maybe. But that's not the employee's fault. Good selection in the store overall. Decent prices. Not the best but good. My dog got to sit with Santa last month and he was so patient and so was the woman taking photos! I like it here, my dog does, my kid does. Great place.

Love the grooming salon here. Although this is almost 40 minutes from my house, I will follow my groomer Claire (salon Manager). The entire staff there is amazing and it is always so clean. Two dogs and 2 1/2 hours and I get the full service bath for them and 1 hair cut. They always come home looking and smelling so good and they usually get some sort of bandanna too. If something doesnt look right when I pick them up they fix it right then and there and always ensure that I am satisfied and my doggies love Claire too - she is soo good with all the animals (she has even encountered my cat too - does an amazing lion cut on her) Highly recommended!

I was at Petco's grooming salon today to get her groomed, I dropped her off, minutes later they call me to say they cannot do my dog because she's growling at them, and they can't get her out of the cage they put her in. I'm sure that was scary for her, to be in a tiny cage all wet. They said that's how they dry them... (My dog is a 9 pound poodle bichon) I couldn't believe it. So now I have to go get her out of that cage they put her in, and take her some place else where they aren't afraid of 9 lbs. Dogs. Ridiculous.

I used to go here for crickets because I have a bearded dragon but they are too expensive just for 100 crickets but they have great survice and a great person that can give you good facts on beardies.

I have been thinking about starting a salt water aquarium. I figured I live down the street from Petco so why not go there and see what they have to offer. I have never owned a saltwater aquarium so I had a lot of questions and I am relying solely on the knowledge of the employees at Petco. They were able to answer all of my questions but I'm not sure if they explained the whole picture in enough detail for me to understand.The sales personnel was extremely courteous and professional. For your every day pet supplies this would be a great location but I'm looking to start a new happy and I feel I may need to go to somebody little more experience in specialized.

My biggest pet-peeve (get it? It's a pet store) is that I usually have to wait a while to be rung up here. Why is that? I always see people lounging in the office. Come out and open a register, lady! The store is a little worn but I didn't come here for the ambiance. I came here to heft out 40lbs of dog food and maybe a lamb-filled bone. And I'm usually in a hurry. So open a register, will ya?

Not bad, not great. I'm a healthy pet food nut (both of my dogs are on raw), and was pleased at the fact that even the employees call it "Puke-anuba". Anyway, I came in to get a new fish, and their selection was okay, but nothing to write home about. The lady I spoke to was very knowledgeable, informing me that my tank would be good for a betta or a small fish. She guided me to the right fish, and I went home with Lucky, the BRIGHT orange guppy. Sadly, what she didn't tell me is that I needed water conditioner, so when I changed little Lucky's water, he went belly up. I learned after the fact that my water was not good for fish, so I bought a bottle of water conditioner, and welcome Phyl and Samuel L. Jackfin into my tank. They're alive and well, thanks to a girl at PetSmart in Hoffman Estates. The store isn't the cleanest, but it's certainly not the worst I have seen. I love that they support shelters and refuse to contribute to the puppy mill problem by selling dogs and cats, but they carry small animals. With small animal rescues being way overburdened, this really is not helping the problem. I would like to see them use those cages for a better cause; the animals were certainly not happy or healthy looking in those small quarters. Cute leashes, collars, and accessories, all at good prices, but again, nothing really special. Overall, not a bad store. It's close enough to my house that I can run in and pick up my hamster bedding and fish supplies in a time of need, but their hours are terrible. Three stars.

I usually shop at Pet Smart but decided to swing through Petco just to see how it compared. I was disappointed. Compared to Pet Smart, their prices are considerably higher (11c higher on a can of cat food) and their selection of merchandise is weak. The store was reasonably clean, but not too fresh looking. I don't think I'll be back.

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