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It is important to realize that not all strays go to the same place. If your pet is lost, you'll need to check in with more than one facility. Your first step should be to call your veterinary clinic. If your pet is wearing a rabies tag, it may be brought there. Next, call us to file a lost pet report at 320-252-0896. If we do not have a match, continue making calls to the City of St. Cloud and surrounding areas:

St. Cloud

  • St. Cloud Animal Control Division...320-650-3164 or 320-255-7214 (Calls accepted during business hours.)
  • St. Cloud Police Department...320-251-1200 (For evenings and weekends.)

Surrounding Areas

  • Sartell City Hall...320-253-2171
  • Waite Park City Hall...320-252-6822
  • Sauk Rapids Police Department...320-251-9451
  • Benton County Sheriff's Department...320-968-7201
  • Stearns County Sheriff's Department...320-251-4240

Found Pets

Call us to file a found pet report at 320-252-0896. If we do not have a match, we will direct you to the appropriate stray holding facility for the animal you found. If possible, do not leave the site that you have found the animal until the appropriate animal control officer, sherrif or police department has been contacted. Some jurisdictions have strict policies on picking up the animal ONLY from the location it was found.


  • Micro-chip your pet. All shelters, animal control facilities and veterinary clinics will scan found pets for microchips upon intake. This is one of the most reliable ways to ensure your pet will find it's way back to you!
  • Make sure your pet is wearing an appropriate collar.
  • Put tags on your pets collar! Rabies tags, micro-chip tags, custom made pet tags with your phone number, pet license tags. all of these will help your pet find it's way back home if it is lost.
  • Keep your pet on a leash.
  • Check fenced in areas for breaks, weak spots or holes dug underneath.
  • Consider invisible fencing.

Found Wildlife

The MNDNR website offers great tips for orphaned wildlife. In most cases, the best thing to do is leave it be. Keep in mind that it is against the law to try to care for wildlife in your home without a wildlife rehabilitation license.

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