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Wright was born in 1881. She was a sculptor who, when excluded from art classes with nude male models, went to boxing matches instead. She was imprisoned in England after demonstrating in favor of voting rights. She helped form the New York League of Women Voters and the National Humane Society.

And when she finally settled back in her family's State Street home in Albany, she hosted Eleanor Roosevelt for frequent visits.

Wright also accepted any cat that made its way to her front stoop. In the end, there were dozens living in the basement of her stately home.

You'd never know that today, because Charles Kuhtic has restored her 1884 mansion into the Morgan State House, an executive inn with the right mix of luxury and casual comfort. Polished wood-paneled rooms, down-filled linens, deep-pocketed sofas, and an English-style garden: It all works because Kuhtic runs an inn luxurious enough for a honeymoon escape and comfortable enough for a weekday business trip.

The Morgan State House is not a bed and breakfast. Nor is it a full-service hotel. Instead, it's a mix. Guests can help themselves to a hearty continental breakfast buffet in the morning, work in the afternoon in the back garden, and fix themselves a cup of tea at night. But Kuhtic's staff is ready to help with any extras, including assistance opening the champagne or figuring out where to have dinner in Albany.

Kuhtic's guests are a mix of Albany officials, traveling reporters, history enthusiasts and overseas visitors. It's not unusual to come down to breakfast and find a state commissioner or lawmaker, or a couple speaking Italian or French.

Each room and bathroom at the inn is unique. The inn also has an annex a couple of doors down for overflow. Some guests stay just a night; others use the place as a work-home away from home.

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