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There’s a new, super-easy way to show off adoptable pets on your organization’s Facebook page. The best part: It’s free and will be updated when your favorite shelter or rescue group updates its Petfinder listings.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with this new feature:

  • Add a free, self-updating adoptable pet list to your Facebook page
  • Create separate adoptable pet lists for different species, shelters or locations
  • Add a list of adoptable pets from more than one shelter or rescue group
  • Feature an especially adoptable pet at the head of the page (or not)
  • Link to your favorite rescue group or shelter’s heartwarming Happy Tails
  • And more!

First, it’s important to note that this only works for Facebook pages (pages you can ‘Like’), not personal profiles. But once it’s on your organization’s page everyone can see it!

How to Add a Petfinder Pet List Scroller to Facebook Pages

Step 1: Create your custom Petfinder Pet List Scroller

  • Create your custom, free adoptable pet list scroller at
  • Select the “3 Column Vertical” option when you select a format
  • Select a style — pick your favorite!
  • Then configure the scroller to meet your needs. You can choose to include adoptable pets from either a single shelter or rescue group, or more than one. You can also choose to display specific species, or all adoptable pets.
  • After you’ve selected the options you want, click “Generate Scroller Code” or “Preview Your Scroller”
  • After you click “Generate Scroller Code, ” copy the scroller code into a Word document, text file or open a new browser window.

Step 2: Add the Petfinder Pet List Scroller to your Facebook Page

Step 3: Rename the Petfinder Pet List Scroller on your Facebook Page

Step 4 (Optional): Add Additional Scrollers

Step 5 (Optional): Add a PayPal Donation Button to your Pet List Scroller

  • Return to your custom tab and add the following code above or below the code for your scroller:


  • Be sure to replace the “INSERT YOUR PAYPAL BUTTON CODE HERE” with the code for your PayPal button.
  • Click on “save and view tab”

Step 6 (Optional): Add a Featured Adoptable Pet to your Pet List Scroller

  • Select the pet you’d like to feature and go to that pet’s profile on Petfinder (on the public side of Petfinder, not in your Petfinder account)
  • Select which photo you’d like to feature and copy the image’s location into a Word document or text file. To copy an image’s location, right click on the image (ctrl+click for mac users) and select Copy Image Location.
  • Copy the pet’s profile URL/Web Address and paste that into your Word document or text file.
  • Replace INSERT THE PET’S PROFILE URL and INSERT THE PET’S PHOTO LOCATION with the respective URLs you copied into the word document or text file.
  • You will see a confirmation and can click “View your tab as a fan” to see what your fans will see which should resemble this:

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