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Shih Tzu and Furbaby Rescue, Inc

Want To Apply To Adopt?

Click Apply then How To Apply to begin the application process and submit our on-line adoption application. Be sure to check out our application process as well as information about our adoption fees.

Foster Homes Urgently Needed!

Won't you please consider fostering one or more of these precious toy breed or small mixed breed babies? Opening up your home and heart to temporarily care for one until they are adopted is so very rewarding! All inquiries welcome! Please visit our website for more information about becoming a foster parent. Simply click the "Apply Here" tab on our website to fill out a foster volunteer application. Thank you for being rescue hearted! Our Website Meet Cody

Cody is sweet!

Adoption Meet & Greet! Won't you come out and visit Shih Tzu and Furbaby Rescue? Our next adoption event will be posted soon, so please check back. See you there! Adoption Meet & Greet at Petsmart

Please come out and join Shih Tzu and Furbaby Rescue. Event updates will be posted soon. See you there!

Top 10 Adoption Considerations Checklist

1. When you adopt, you need to make a real commitment to care for your pet for its entire life, no matter what that entails, just as you would with a child. 2. Be prepared for a pet to affect other parts of your life for as long as you have the pet (can be up to 15 years for a dog and 20 years for cat). Your pets well-being will have to be considered in all kinds of decisions, including travel, social life, relocating to a new home, adopting other pets, having children, etc. 3. Verify in advance that youre allowed to keep a pet where you live, especially if you rent or belong to a homeowners association. 4. Make any necessary modifications to your yard and fence, if you have one, to provide for your pets safety and to prevent your pet from escaping. 5. Never give a pet as a gift. 6. Choose a pet appropriate to your living situation and lifestyle. Figure out what size, age, and energy-level pet is most appropriate for you. 7. Never adopt a pet on a whim or because you feel its love-at-first-sight. Do your research and carefully consider all the aspects and implications of adopting before you make a decision. 8. If youre adopting a pet for your kids, understand that the responsibility is yours. Kids, by their nature, often tire of things that were once new and exciting, and this includes their pets. You will most likely end up being the one who provides most of the pets care. 9. Plan for a several-week adjustment period during which there will be challenges. 10. Provide sufficient exercise and stimulation. (Walk dogs according to individual need, provide playtime and appropriate toys for both dogs and cats, spend time just petting and talking to your pet, include pet in family activities.)

Who We Are

Shih Tzu and Furbaby Rescue, Inc. is a national rescue organization that is dedicated to the rescuing and rehoming of toy purebred and mixed-breed dogs. We accept dogs in need from shelters, other rescuers, and individuals giving up their pets for a variety of reasons. Our furbabies are examined and treated by our veterinarians, innoculated, and spayed or neutered before placement. They are also thoroughly temperament assessed. We believe that, somewhere, there is a home for every dog, but that we have a responsibility to place our dogs into homes that will best meet their needs, both physically and emotionally. We look for people with patience and loving hearts, and an understanding of the furbaby mind. Shih Tzus and Furbabies, Inc is a non-profit organization recognized under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Your donation may be tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Adopting a Friend

We welcome your inquiries. Potential adopters are asked to complete an application, which includes personal information, personal and veterinarian references, and questions which will help us to determine which pet will fit best into your home and family. We are looking for homes which understand that adopting a pet is a 10 to 15 year committment to love and care for this little being and all his needs. APPLICATION FORM.


Shih Tzu and Furbaby Rescue would appreciate any donations you're willing to give. Items of constant need are listed below:
  • Cash - Of course, we can always make good use of any cash donations. They can be made straight into our vet account, you can send a check to our contact address: STFBR P.O. Box 5068 Saint Mary's GA 31558, or you can make a credit card payment directly to our organization via PayPal (see button below).
  • Gift Cards - From popular pet supply stores such as Petsmart, Petsupermarket, Petco, WalMart and Target.
  • Dog Food - High Quality - Puppy, Light, Adult & Senior.
  • Digital Cameras - So photos for this website are possible.
  • Shampoos/Conditioners/Flea Products/Heartworm Preventative
  • Dog Grooming tools. Many times these rescues need a day of beauty before they're photos are taken. They also get primped and pampered before arriving at their new forever homes.
  • Leashes, Collars, Harnesses - Small to Medium Sizes.
    For more information on what's needed or how to contribute, Email Meredith. We appreciate all inquiries. Thank you!

Volunteers Needed

We have an urgent need for foster homes. We do not operate a shelter or have any formal facility. All our rescue pups are in private approved foster homes throughout the United States. We don't take the furbabies to a pet store on Saturdays to be adopted. We save our foster furbabies from shelters or they are given to us by previous owners who can no longer care for their furbaby. We then have the pups fully vetted, including all shots, heartworm and fecal tests, spayed or neutered, and a thorough examination of ears, eyes, etc. for any potential health problems. Our vets are familiar with the health concerns of rescue babies and have been approved by our organization. We then screen the foster baby while in our homes for any behavior problems such as food agression, dog or cat agression, housebreaking issues, etc. One of the jobs of the foster parent is to work with the furbaby and help them adjust to living in a loving home where they have free run of the house. Our favorite part of the job is to just love and adore the foster furbaby and spoil them rotten. We do reap the benefits of watching that scared little furbaby adjust and blossom into a sweet affectionate pup who loves to play and cuddle as they were meant to do. If you are interested in fostering for Shih tzu and Furbaby Rescue, please complete a foster application at

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