A dog who helped rescue a cat

Orange County SPCA Orlando

A. Orange County:
You leave a message; a volunteer will call you back to make appointments for the spay/neutering and vaccinations. They will lend you traps and show you how to use them, then you will take the cats to one of their clinic partners: SPCA of Central Florida, SPCA Lakeland (they have a pickup location in south Orlando on Friday evenings), or Orange County Animal Services. Lots of great info about cat care, etc. on their website.

B. Other counties:
SpayNSave in Longwood -
They have a vaccination and spay/neuter package that's cheaper for ferals. (You will have to rent, borrow or buy a trap.)

Why TNR:
1. Feral/community cats should be allowed live out their natural lives and not trapped to be dumped at animal control (where they will be euthanized immediately if there is not a local organization like CARE to advocate for them
2. A feral cat in a managed colony - where a caretaker regularly feeds, spay/neuters, tests for FeLV, and keeps an eye out for illness/injury - that has an area safe from traffic, loose dogs and uneducated people - is fine to stay where they are.
3. Having community cats keeps the rats/mice down in an area.
4. A colony of fixed cats in an area will prevent non-fixed cats from moving into the area. That is why trap-and-remove doesn't work.
5. If you know of a non-TNRed colony - badger the feeder into TNRing, and help them - otherwise they will contribute to hundreds more deaths at shelters. There is volunteer help out there, but no one that can just "do it for you." Please, take some initiative to help your community.

Alley Cat Allies has excellent resources on how to help and advocate for community cats.
What to do if you find kittens Kittens under 4 months or so can be socialized and adopted if you are willing to put in some volunteer work. They will need to be fixed and vaccinated, but most of this can be recuped in an adoption fee, which should be mandatory. However, if you find very young kittens that still need to nurse, please wait to see if their mother is coming back for them, do not just take the kittens unless they are in immediate danger. Trap the whole family including mom if possible.

***Compiled by AACF. Please double-check all info directly with the organizations - policies, etc. may have changed.***

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